Oct 24, 2012

haunted home decor

i've been adding little touches of halloween around our house and this arrangement was bugging me. it seemed...lacking. haphazard.
normally, it's just the giraffes and the orchid. 

so...i decided to ghost-ify our giraffes!

i found some scrap pieces of white linen and a little bit of orange ribbon in my crafty closet. i draped fabric over each giraffe, then tied a bow to form the ghosts' heads.

next i raided K's art supplies -- which is mostly just stuff i can't fit in the closet with MY stash -- for the ghosts' eyes and mouths:
these are foam shape stickers for you non-parents out there. i had no idea these existed until last year. they're in the kids' crafts aisle at michael's -- and there are tons of varieties!

i stuck 'em on and...


MUCH more halloweeny, right?

...and cohesive! 

purple and orange ghosts, purple and orange orchid...that's no accident!
hm, should i get rid of the non-coordinating eyeballs?

* mari


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