Sep 25, 2012

so long, antenna!
...and gutter-junk and cement...

there was a gigantic eyesore of an antenna on top of our house that drove me NUTS. it was just so big...and ugly...and pointless!
   i could deal with it if it had a purpose.
      ...but it just sat there atop our house...taunting me.
not anymore!

fish climbed up there this past weekend and wrestled it down!!

my hero!

meanwhile, i sat in the comfort of the shade...

...on the safety of the ground. 

<<< fish v. the antenna >>>


doesn't it look SO. MUCH. BETTER??
while fish was up there, he cleaned out the gutters as well.

i know ivy is bad for brick, but it's just so darn pretty, isn't it?

THEN...while i was napping...
he removed a cement path in our backyard!

here's a way-way-before picture, 
before fish had done anything in the backyard:

he took out the cement step stones just to the left of the jungle.

he pried those suckers out one by one.

now he'll plant grass and hopefully we soon
won't be able to tell anything was ever there at all!

slowly, slowly...the outside of our house is looking better...

i can't wait until new windows are installed!!

* mari

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