Sep 7, 2012

new windows 4-5 weeks away!

we're getting new windows...FINALLY!

after so much contemplation and worrying, it's hard to believe we finally signed a contract.

we decided to go with pella's architect series.

we ordered double-hung windows for the whole house and added full grilles on the front-facing windows. i'd love to put full grilles on all of them, but it's just not in the budget.

i was set on having grilles at least on the front-facing windows to keep with the colonial style of the house. we ordered spoon-style locks instead of the standard hardware for this reason as well.

this guy in the front room is going to become a giant picture window, instead of being divided into three panes of glass.

outside view:

pella is unable to install authentic grilles in the octagon window in our master due to its nonstandard shape...and we didn't care for the between-the-panes simulated grille. 
   ...so this window will be undivided glass as well.

none of the companies we got estimates from did glass-block windows -- we'll have to order those from a separate company if we just want to replace them.

if we decide we want regular windows instead of glass blocks, we would have to hire a construction crew to remove the blocks and make the window openings, then the window company would come out just to install the new window.

front room:

dining room:


we signed the contract, but we still need to schedule the project, which should take 1-2 days. the pella guy estimated installation in about four to five weeks.


psst! see the new windows here!

* mari

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