Sep 3, 2012

marathon post:
summer in review

happy labor day, everyone!

well, we survived the first summer in our new house -- it absolutely FLEW by. now that the season has officially ended, i'd like to share a recap of these past few months. i'm really proud of all that we accomplished!

to begin with, there was a LOT of painting: the main floor bathroom, the upstairs hallway, the stairway up, the chalkboard wall in the kitchen, the polka-squared dining room, the upstairs bathroom, the pink-turned-blue room, and fish's study (which i didn't write a post on, but am still including in this tally).


we also painted a lot of doors: the front and back of the garage door, the inside of the coat closet door, the back of the main floor bathroom door...and we stained the upstairs bathroom doors darker!

outside: we took small steps to improve the front porch by painting the front porch railing, adding a couple of chairs, building a table, and installing new house numbers.

meanwhile, fish made GIANT leaps in the backyard!
maybe you have to see the jungle it was before
to appreciate all the hard work fish put into the yard.

...and we got new window estimates for the whole house
from companies AB, and C.

fish didn't have much time for major projects due to his intense work schedule, but he was able to make a work bench, a porch table, an outgoing mail organizer, and a pencil holder for my beloved pastels.
slow progress is being made on K's bed!

lastly, we got a lot of small projects done: turning the built-ins into shoe storage and adding moulding, revamping an old dresser and a craigslist credenza...and decorating every switchplate i could get my hands on!

i'll be happy if we get even half this much accomplished in the fall.

thanks for sticking with us this far!

* mari

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