Sep 14, 2012

K's bed:
sanding is complete!

this little guy has had quite the workout these past few weeks!

it took a long time to sand all the pieces for K's new bed because fish was only able to steal away an hour here, a half-hour there...due to his ten, twelve, sixteen-hour work days. i volunteered to help, but he ((wisely)) declined. i'm sure i would have messed something up.

the important thing is...all the pieces are now cut AND sanded!

K is one step closer to sleeping in his own, big-boy bed!


instead of wiping the pieces down with a rag, fish used a dustpan brush we bought at target to clean the sawdust off all the wood.

nice job, fish!

next step: fish is playing around with his new toy, a kreg jig:
what's a kreg jig for?
to be honest, i'm still not sure.

i think it allows for strong joints without any visible nails or glue on the front.

we also need to figure out if fish should start assembling the bed or if we should condition and stain the pieces first.


psst! see the progress: 123456789...
and the final constructed bed here!

* mari

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