Sep 30, 2012

K's bed:
conditioning & staining

fish has conditioned and started staining K's bed!!

can you believe the loft-bed is almost a reality?? after months and months of obsessing -- seriously. i started a blog, introduced ourselves, introduced K, then immediately started planning his fort bed.

fish used minwax water-based pre-stain wood conditioner...

...and minwax {golden oak}.

we both LOVE the resulting color!

i just need to stop right here and let you know fish has done EVERY. SINGLE. STEP. of this bed-building process. while putting in 70- to 80-hour work weeks
   he figured out how to modify the plans to work for us. 
   he calculated the new measurements and altered our shopping list.
   he did all the cuts.
      (duh. i'm useless with tools.)
   he sanded ALL the wood.
   he figured out how to use the kreg jig and drilled the pocket holes.
   he put together the parts of the frame that have been completed so far.
      ...said as if i'm going to be doing any of the constructing. HAH.
   he conditioned ALL the wood.
   he stained ALL the wood.

i'm sorry if this all sounds boastful - i don't mean for it to.

i'm just really proud of fish.
he gets it done.

psst! see the progress: 123456789...
and the final constructed bed here!

* mari

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