Sep 18, 2012

K's bed:
behind the scenes

fish has been hard at work the past few weeks getting all the pieces sanded for K's new bed!

...and THIS is the disaster area our garage has been
while he's been sanding up a storm.

a fine layer of sawdust covering absolutely everything...

K trying to clean off the jogging stroller:
is that a hint, little man??

once the sanding was complete, fish cleared out the garage and swept and vacuumed every nook and cranny. then, he hosed off all the strollers and chairs and bikes and bike accessories...and moved them to the shed in order to make room for...

the WOOD.

he's planning to assemble a few major parts first, then condition and stain. he'll put the whole bed together in K's room because we wouldn't be able to maneuver a bed of this size up and around our staircase. 

while planning how to proceed from here, fish is also taking into account the fact that we want to be able to take K's bed apart and bring it with us if we move. 

stay tuned for more bed updates!
fish is on a roll!

psst! see the progress: 123456789...
and the final constructed bed here!

* mari

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