Sep 19, 2012

gold pinecones

are you looking for an easy and elegant way to bring the glorious fall season indoors?

look no further!

it's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. collect.
i enlisted a helper!

2. spraypaint.

3. display!
...in a 50¢ jar from goodwill!

* mari

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  1. Perfect for Christmas decorations, plus cheap and easy, the way I like it ;p

  2. fo' sho' me too! i just go on a "walk" with k about four houses down -- they have a gigantic pine tree in their yard and k goes nuts collecting all the little pinecones that have fallen.

  3. Love this! We have so many in our yard right now!

    1. thanks sarah -- they are the perfect fall crafting item!


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