Sep 27, 2012

fish is hard at work!

he's been working long into the night...

...and LOOK at what he's cobbled together!!

it's the staircase frame and landing for one side of K's bed!

can you see it??

fish has slightly modified the bed,
which is why it doesn't look exactly like the plans.

these are the pocket holes fish made using a kreg jig. this is how the planks for the landing will attach. 

fish won't install the planks until the bed is in K's room. we want the frame to be as light as possible for when we ((mostly HE)) have to carry it upstairs.

i'm getting so...so...EXCITED!!

psst! see the progress: 123456789...
and the final constructed bed here!

* mari

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  1. This is so cool! Maybe When he's done he can come by and build us a new bed lol

  2. ahaha...i asked him what project is next and he said "studying. learning. working." sooo...no diy seesaw then?? :D


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