Sep 28, 2012

etsy love:
lollipop labels

when K started preschool a few weeks ago, i was told his EVERYTHING needs to be labeled. oops!

i could have taken a big fat sharpie to all his worldly possessions...but instead, i did a quick etsy search.

...just to see what was available.

i stumbled upon {lollipop labels} - O.M.G. any kind of label you could ever desire for all of your schoolchild's needs. AND they offer completely customizable graphics, colors, and fonts!

of course i ordered them that night.

K is CRAZY about trucks and {lollipop labels} offers a decent selection of different ones to choose from. i went with a construction theme.

stick-on labels for shoes

yes, even his shoes are supposed to be labelled. 

as any parent of a potty-training preschooler will tell you:
i need to label a lot of undies.

before and after:

i also had to label his school bag:

i put K's name on one side and my contact info on the other -- in case the backpack gets misplaced. the tag came with a rubber pull to attach it to a bag, but i didn't care for it...so i used a metal key ring to secure the label to the backpack's zipper pull. i like the key ring much better.

SO...all of K's EVERYTHINGs are now labelled
-- and they coordinate --
thanks to {lollipop labels}!
have YOU found any great shops on etsy lately?

* mari

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