Sep 5, 2012

scrap-buster playtime beanbags

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time : minutes...hours
difficulty  ★  ☆ ☆  
hazards : lentil beans everywhere
would i do it again? : ...if i start accumulating more scraps.

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i have quite the stash of loud and colorful fabrics, many in the form of pitiful bits of scrap that i just can't bear to throw out...so i decided to make some fun beanbags for lil' archer to toss around!

>   square pieces of fabric
i cut 5 x 5" pieces of fabric for 4" square beanbags
with 1/2" seam allowances ( which i later trimmed ).

>   thread
>   lentil beans, or other filler
>   ...and technically, you should probably use interfacing
           ...but i didn't because i was out.

are you ready?

if you want to use interfacing to strengthen your beanbags, you would iron it on or pin it before this first step.

first, sandwich two pieces of fabric, front sides facing each other and sew around the edges, leaving about a 2" gap to pour the beans through.

these should be small, tight stitches so your beans don't break open a seam and splatter everywhere.

i then trimmed the excess fabric around the stitches, so the bag wouldn't feel bulky at the seams. next, turn your bag right-side-out and...

...pour your beans in!

i filled my bags a little over halfway with beans. it just depends how squashy you want them to be. you can use a funnel -- or just a plain ol' piece of paper twisted into a cone shape! -- to make this step easier.

if you want all of your bags exactly uniform, you can use a kitchen scale to weigh the beans before pouring them into the bag.

finally, close up the beanbag using a ladder stitch.
i found this pdf from {sewing stars} helpful in learning how to ladder stitch.

you don't even need a bucket or cornhole board to play with beanbags!

K had fun trying to balance on them...
...carrying them around the house...

...using them as little "pillows" for his cars...

...and stacking them!

what do YOU do with all your fabric scraps?

* mari

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