Sep 2, 2012

a spirograph saga

remember when i bought a spirograph set? i decided the huge blank wall in our front room would be the perfect place to display the products of all my practice.

i got to spirographing...


here are the final drawings,
framed and waiting to be hung...

i am a HUGE proponent of 3M command strips. i use them to hang everything. but, these frames are pretty heavy and i didn't feel confident using command strips to hang them...

so i tried to hang them using nails.


this is what happens when it's me against a plaster wall. i got about half an inch in before the wall started buckling and the nail bent. what the heck??! it must be our weak nails.
   it couldn't possibly be ME.

off i went to ace hardware.
...switching it up...

it took THREE men to help me. the first one didn't really understand anything i was saying. he kept telling me plaster walls are soft and i shouldn't be having any problems getting a nail into them.

the second guy said he'd never heard of a nail bending. what?! i bend nails almost every time i hammer! the only thing i do better is strip screws!

i had confidence in the third man though. he was older, grizzled...he told the first guy that yes, plaster walls are harder than drywall ((just like i said!!)) and in fact, get harder with age. huh.
   ...but there are no special "plaster nails" as i requested.
         well, crap.

turns out, i was using finishing nails. he sold me some other-type-of nails that he guaranteed would go through plaster and would not bend.

once back home, i give it another go.


another bent nail.
another bulging hole.

apparently, it's me. and my frighteningly awful technique.

fish was able to nail them in just fine.

he tried to show me how...
but i still bent a nail and i still made a bulging hole.

...so this is how it sits, until fish has enough time off from his insane schedule to hang the other 14 frames.

* mari


  1. It's not your technique, it's just that you don't know your own strength! haha

  2. love! that's a great way to think about it, hah...


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