Sep 9, 2012

a spirograph gallery!

hooray for fish!! 
he hung my spirographs!

they're up!
they're up and I. LOVE. THEM.

i LOVE seeing this as i come down the stairs!
*** angel chorus ***

i switched the credenza and the dinette set.

fish really likes the dinette set in the dining room. i admit it fits in the space well since it's such a small table. i still don't think there's enough room for a proper dining room table.

...but this works for now!

the credenza was my first craigslist purchase.
this is what it looked like when i bought it:

i think it looks perfect under the spirographs!

some close-ups:

...still a large, empty room though:

i decided i want a chaise to read on, angled in front of the large window.

and a soft, soft rug underneath.

and a potted lemon tree!

isn't it funny how an old board game made me totally rethink the layout and purpose of this room? it all seems so simple now. 

* mari


  1. I love how it looks! Great :)

  2. I agree the credenza looks perfect with them and I love that large open window in the room.


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