Aug 30, 2012

third windows estimate

we had a third estimate for windows. their quote was right in the middle of the first  and second estimates we received.

we eliminated the first company based on the pushy salesman that pitched to us. we visited the showrooms of the second and third estimates -- if it were looks alone, we'd be going with the second (most expensive) for sure.

BUT...they refuse to negotiate on price.

and WE refuse to go into debt over windows.

so...a decision still has not been made.
we're either going with the third company...or getting yet another estimate. 

even knowing looks and quality vary widely among windows, i'm still surprised at the range of prices we have received so far. with just three estimates, there is a $20,000 difference between our high and low estimates.


insane in the membrane.
(( insane in the brain! ))

* mari


  1. Don't know if this will help you or if you already decided on someone.

    We got 5 new windows recently and I researched a ton and I learned that in CA - not sure if this is true for all states - that if you find a company that is both the manufacturer and the installer, then there is no sales tax - also since they are the installer there is no retail kick-back.

    Our first quote from a regular retailer was 8K+, the second comparison quote was 6.5K. The Manufacturer who was also installing: 4.8K - which we picked.

    Good luck!

  2. LOL just realized this was a really old post... Nevermind me...

    1. hah, thanks katja! still helpful info! the two most expensive quotes were manufacturers and installers of their windows. yikes, don't want to know how much *more* it would have been if we'd gone with another company that didn't make their own windows!! :/


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