Aug 15, 2012

potty prize basket

after i used two of these baskets to organize my flats and sandals, are you curious to know what happened to the third one?

it's not quite so glamorous.
i started potty-training K.


aren't the fire truck undies adorable though??

it's not much fun sitting on the cold, hard floor of the bathroom, reading potty book after potty book to K...watching him play with the potty elmo app on my phone...



BUT! it was lots of fun making this potty prize basket for him!

...and even MORE fun watching him try to decide which prize he wants each time he successfully goes potty in the toilet!

i have found the reward of a small prize, getting to flush the toilet and wash his hands, and a star on his potty chart are all pretty good stimulants for getting him to go on the toilet.

do you have any potty-training tips or methods you'd like to share??

* mari

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