Aug 5, 2012

more room for shoes

the built-ins in our front room made much more sense for us as shoe storage instead of displaying knick-knacks or books. 

however...i have a lot of shoes. i don't think i have an excessive amount  -- just too many to fit comfortably in the built-ins. aaand since i'm not willing to get rid of any of my shoes...i asked fish to add a shelf.

it would be visually pleasing to remove the two current shelves and install three boards to make four equal spaces, as so:

1. i wanted some of the shelves tall enough to store heels
2. removing and reinstalling shelves would be more work
3. the shelves are hidden by a curtain anyway

so i asked fish to simply bisect the lowest opening with a new shelf.

he installed the shelf.

i painted the back wall with an $2 oops! find.

i added some baskets.


well...i, uh...still had too many shoes to comfortably fit in the built-ins. and i couldn't go asking fish to add another shelf -- then he might think i had a shoe-buying problem.

although, he did ask why i needed so many sneakers.
answer: i like running in colorful tennies.

my solution: i stored my sandals and flats standing up in baskets. it looks nice and neat and they're still easy to grab.

i found these baskets at home goods --
wrong color, but right size...and right price!

nothing a little gold spraypaint can't fix!

end result:
look at how much room my sneakers have on the bottom shelf!!

fish installed an identical shelf on his and K's side -- we thought the two shorter shelves on bottom would be perfect for K's shoes. 

this is what their side usually looks like:

eh, i'm not upset. fish works hard for us -- i know keeping his shoes orderly isn't really a high priority for him. that's why there's a curtain!

after organizing:

did *I* buy all those???
answer: no. i did not buy the crocs.

i swear i did not realize K had this many shoes.
after painting the back wall...
lookin' good!

no additional baskets needed.

* mari
The Container Store

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