Aug 25, 2012

ikea expedit as toy storage

before i stole them for craft storage, our ikea malm dressers were being used in K's room for toy storage. they worked quite well for that purpose -- and they held a LOT of toys.
how many megabloks can one boy need??!

but, i have a LOT of craft supplies...
so i had no choice but to steal them from K's room.

don't worry! he's not drowning in a sea of lincoln logs and mega bloks.
i dragged an ikea expedit into his room instead!

the expedit is actually better in K's room because it can be laid horizontally and our little guy can reach all of his toys -- and put them all away!!

...and so begins the slow transfer of chores to my son...

now i must ponder...
what OTHER chores can a two-and-a-half-year-old do...?


* mari

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