Aug 8, 2012

DIY calming jar

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time : minutes
difficulty : ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
hazards : glitter everywhere
would i do it again? : yes - for MOTHERS of toddlers.

as sweet and fun and adorable as K can be...
...he can also completely disintegrate in an instant.

the Terrible Twos.
hello. please, yes, come in if you have to.
i hope there's some delightful time like Thrilling Threes after this stage.

i began a frantic internet search for advice, cures, anything that could help me. there were quite a few posts about calming jars. i was attracted to them because they didn't look too hard to make. 

...and they're SPARKLY.

not only are they "not too hard" to make --
they're insanely EASY.

i made two in glass jars before realizing...DUH. a glass jar is just about the last thing i want to give K when he's throwing a fit.

so, they've become MY calming jars. when i'm frustrated or feeling like an incompetent mother, i just give one of these guys a shake and zone out while watching the glitter swirl and drift slowly...slowly...down.

although, there IS still the danger that *i* will throw the glass jar.

use a plastic jar if making for a child...

01. squeeze glitter glue into jar
         - i split a 6oz bottle of elmer's glitter glue evenly between two jars

02. pour glitter into jar - it's up to you how sparkly you want your bottle to be!
         - i piled the glitter about an inch up from the bottom of the jar

03. add hot water to near top of jar - you want to leave room to mix the components

04. optional: add a few drops of food coloring 

05. shake to mix

06. be mesmerized
seriously -- who would NOT be calmed by these lazily falling specks of glitter??

someday, i'll get around to covering the lid...

nope, you're not going crazy.
this post was reformatted in august 2013.

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  1. How long does it take the glitter to settle? I'm looking for something to last 4-5 minutes... Thanks! :-)

  2. Ours actually takes about ten minutes! If you want the glitter to settle quicker, I would do less glue and/or more water to make the solution less viscous.

  3. I have reg. glitter. Can I just add glue to this and will it still work?

    1. hi anonymous, i don't think it will work quite the same way -- but if you try it, please let me know! :)

  4. You use glitter glue plus glitter? I'm not familiar with glitter glue. How much glitter (approx.) do you add? It would be fun to find a plastic container that is squishy too.

    1. hi katheen! you definitely need glitter glue -- you can add plain old glitter if you want it to be sparklier. it's completely up to you how much glitter you want to add. :)


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