Aug 11, 2012

construction has begun on K's bed!

...well, not really.

BUT, fish and i finally agreed on a plan we both love.

   we bought the lumber.

cost : about $80.

today, fish got out of work unexpectedly early...

...and had time to make all the cuts!
(( ...on the work bench he made! ))

...including two of these fancy-shmancy guys:
they'll be the staircase sides.

here's the pretty pile of wood, ready to be sanded, stained...
then assembled!
the wood will be sitting here awhile though...we now have to wait for that rare, rare occurence: fish to have time off.

psst! see the progress: 123456789...
and the final constructed bed here!
* mari

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  1. And yet you post no cutting list thanks

    1. Hi Greg, we followed Ana White's instructions, which I linked to. Just follow the link to find the supplies and what cuts to make.


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