Aug 18, 2012

collection of washi-taped
lightswitches and outlets

once i started washi-taping the switchplates in our home, i couldn't stop.

see the easy step-by-step here,
as featured on {apartment therapy}!

be warned...it might start an addiction with you too.

here's our collection...so far...

see individual pics after the jump!

* mari

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  1. thank you! i've almost run out of switch plates, i think i might go through withdrawals...

  2. I absolutely adore these! But I'm currently renting.. is the tape very difficult to remove once on?

  3. hi lisa! washi tape is absolutely NOT difficult to remove -- the tackiness is very similar to masking tape. it is easily repositionable if you make a mistake and leaves no marks when you remove it from your object.

    good luck and i'd love to see what you create!!

  4. I want to try this - love it - but can I get the washi tape at a local store or would it have to be ordered? Thanks!

    1. i usually order my washi tape from etsy -- there's toooons on etsy. but, someone told me recently that washi tape is sold at michael's now as well! good luck, i"d love to see how your switchplates turm out!


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