Jul 22, 2012

wooden hangers for the coat closet

i recently started thinking about replacing the tubular plastic hangers in our coat closet with some nice, strong wooden ones. after some intial research, i found they were either {well made + expensive} or {cheap + mediocre quality}.

so i shelved the idea.

but THEN...i went to my very first estate sale yesterday -- and the closet was packed with wooden hangers! nice ones!

each bundle of TEN was only EIGHT DOLLARS!

so i bought thirty hangers.
after seeing how expensive wooden hangers can be, it took immense willpower not to snap them all up.

coat closet before:
don't judge.

coat closet AFTER!

well...let's say after-ish. i still want to replace those black canvas cubes with a couple of nice baskets. and maybe paint the walls. wallpaper the shelf? paint the short bookcase i shoved under the coats. or find something better to put there. move all the sports-stuffs to the garage. did i miss anything??


at least the hanger situation looks much improved. 

we already had several ikea hanga children's hangers for K's coats. they mix very nicely with our new grown-up wooden hangers.

* mari


  1. You are so funny with your plans for the closet. I don't think most people ever even consider painting and making closets look nice, that's where they hide the mess lol I love it!

  2. You think so advance. I like all your ideas.


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