Jul 24, 2012

tour of my crafty closet

after making the decision to move my workspace from the yellow polka-squared room to the now-blue room, things have progressed quickly. i painted the closet with behr {cumulus}, leftover from the stairway and upstairs hallway. i then gathered all of my arts and crafts supplies...and started organizing.

it was SO. MUCH. FUN!

the result:

i removed the closet doors because i plan to hang a pretty curtain instead.

the dresser is from K's room -- i replaced it with an expedit bookcase. it works out much better this way because the dresser has TONS more storage for craft supplies than the bookcase. AND we laid the expedit, now in K's room, horizontally so he can now reach all of his toys.

i stored rolls of gift wrap to the side of the dresser.

old photos and paper mementos are sealed in a couple of the container store's our men's shoe boxes. clothespins and buttons look cute displayed in mason jars.
i think i might need a third men's shoe box soon...
and probably another button jar as well!

various pots and recycled jars and bottles are kept in four translucent stackable bins. i'm not sure about them yet. they're very sturdy...but i think i'd be better off with opaque storage since i have such an assortment of old jars, tins, glasses, etc. it looks very cluttered to me.

various supplies are organized in the container store's regular-sized our shoe boxes:

each bin is labelled...

four large stacking bins hold picture frames, gift bags and tissue paper, and holiday decorations.

...and i put some random sewing supplies on top. i'm sure they'll find a new home once the room is complete.

what could possibly be left to be stored inside the dresser?


for someone with only mediocre sewing skills, i feel my collection is a little excessive...but sometimes, i just can't help getting a yard or two when i see a pretty fabric. i'm stockpiling for when my skills improve.

i also put my pretty papers and pastels in the dresser. i will probably end up putting them in separate drawers since pastels have a tendency to get all. over. everything.
pretty, pretty!

...and that's my crafty closet!

stay tuned for the rest of the room...

* mari

The Container Store


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  2. Holy crapola! That's the loveliest closest I have ever seen! Organizing and fun don't seem to belong together for me, maybe you should just come over and organize my place lol


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