Jul 1, 2012

the stairway is DONE!

i painted SO. MANY. FRAMES.

...and they have ALL finally been HUNG.

my original plan was to hang frames diagonally upwards, following the angle of the stairs, going up-up-up and eventually along the upstairs hallway. however, when i got to the glass block window, it looked too cluttered with picture frames all around it.

so i revised my plan and stopped the procession of photos at the window.

when i add more pictures
-- a long time from now! --
i'll continue to go UP instead of over.

it looks like a lot of frames -- and it is -- but sadly, i still had to pick and choose which ones would make it on the wall.

how did i choose how to hang them? i've displayed a large number of frames before and found it helpful to cut small pieces of cardstock to scale and rearrange them on paper before hanging them on a wall.

i usually use 1":1/16" ratio. so for a 5 x 7" picture, i would cut out a 5/16 x 7/16" piece of cardstock. this isn't as hard as it seems -- each little tickmark on a ruler is 1/16th of an inch, so just count five tickmarks by seven tickmarks.

HOWEVER, for this project, i had no plan.

i just let it evolve.

i used 3m command strips ((instead of nailing in all those pictures!!)) so the few times i wanted to rearrange what i'd already put up, it was fairly easy.

* mari

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