Jul 3, 2012

father's day photo montage

while deciding what photos to frame in our stairwell, i came across one of my favorite photo projects with K. it was fish's first father's day and i made a cheapie cardboard sign for K to hold. i took tooooons of pictures, but no one picture was just right...so i ended up making a montage of several different pictures.

this format would also work well for a year-in-review type montage since there are 12 photos.

p.s. is it just me? every time i hear the word montage, i think of {clueless}.

* mari

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  1. I think of "The Sweetest Thing" - where they do the montage in the dressing room at that weird clothing store :)


  2. hey, where did you get it printed love this idea!

    1. hi there! if i remember correctly, i ordered the print online as an 8x11 then trimmed it to an 8x8 size when i picked it up at walgreens. it would probably be even easier now, with the ubiquitousness of instagram-friendly printing now. :)


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