Jul 29, 2012

painting the upstairs bath

the walls of the upstairs bathroom needed a general freshening up, but ONCE AGAIN, the previous owners did not leave a can of the current color in the basement. so instead of touching up here and there, i decided to repaint everything.

i really liked the blue-based grey on the walls. pulling from the mosaic border, i also considered a light sage green.

a quick run to home depot...
...and i snapped up paint chips of every. single. contender.

i think just about every employee in the paint department now recognizes me.
they probably refer to me as the crazy paint lady.

i taped up the possibilities:
i didn't like any of the greens.

i had it narrowed down to {reflecting pool} and {light french gray}:

...then i got to thinking about the upstairs rooms.
i painted the hallway light blue
the pink room is now the blue room

because the bathroom opens to the master bedroom, i feel they should coordinate. if i paint the bathroom blue-gray, then i will feel compelled to paint the master some shade of blue as well.

that means the entire upstairs will be varying shades of blue.


THEN i remembered a can of behr {ashwood} i never ended up using...
...and it just happens to match the mosaic tile perfectly.

i am now extremely-utterly-completely confused.

 bluish gray??

...or sage green??
OR...what about dark taupe??
it looks nice with the tile, doesn't it??
but, maybe too boring?


why do i always do this to myself?

* mari

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