Jul 2, 2012

new file cabinet
...and lyrical art

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we were in desperate need of a file cabinet and i wasn't having any luck on craigslist. there were lots listed, but i either wasn't willing to pay the asking price or someone beat me to it. we finally caved and got one from ikea. sigh.

the institutional grey color wasn't really working with my color scheme though...so i spraypainted it.

the color turned out much prettier than i expected!

then...the filing of the papers.

the end result is worth it though! our papers are finally organized and now i just have to worry about staying on top of incoming mail, which i'm pretty good about.

i made the print on top of the file cabinet in about ten minutes. i typed out the lyrics of a song that is meaningful to me and fish -- ben e. king's {stand by me}. i uploaded it to walgreens.com then ordered a 16x20 poster for pick-up at my local store. it was ready within the hour.
   you could easily do this with any song, poem, quote, etc. it only cost about $10.

* mari


  1. Love you lyric print. That was one of our wedding songs 25 years ago! Can I ask what font you used and how you create it? In photoshop? Do you make it a particular size and then blow it up? I am technically helpless and would love to know how to make one!

  2. hi mary, i'm happy to help! i used photoshop elements. i created a blank file and set the dimensions (in inches) to the print size i wanted (i.e. 16x20"). i then typed out the lyrics of the song and then just started playing with different fonts. once i was satisfied, i saved it as a jpeg, uploaded it to walgreens.com, and had a poster-size printed at my local store. it was ready for pick-up in about an hour!

    i adore this song - it is my favorite, favorite of all time!

    let me know if i missed anything or if you need further clarification!

    best, mari

  3. Great job in assembling that file cabinet. I know some people who dread the job of doing something like that. But not you, apparently! And the spray-painted color looks sleek too! Love the framed "Stand By Me" lyrics by the way, and I'm going to try that one out. Now my predicament is on picking the right song for me to frame!

    Ruby @ Williams Data Management


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