Jul 5, 2012

my favorite thing to get in the mail...

i'm making new pillow covers for the sunroom in anticipation of the day we get a new GREY sofa. you know, in five or six years, whenever we're done paying off windows...

until then, the sunroom looks a bit wonky. i'm slowly building everything around a peachy-pink + orangey-red + black/white/grey color scheme.

our BROWN leather sofa sits right in the middle of the room.

on our TAN area rug.

you're right, i should have planned colors around the couch and rug we currently have instead of basing it on some dream sofa that we won't be able to afford until 2025. 

...and i probably should have anticipated not being able to buy an exquisite orangey-red oriental rug until we had taken care of more important things ((like windows!)).

the lesson has been learned.

but i'm still plunging ahead with my pillow-making because i LOVE all the fabrics i ordered! i've bought the black and white ikat before -- i loved it so much, i ordered some more. i made a tank top last time and decided it would make a cute pillow as well.

* mari

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