Jul 15, 2012

a little bit o' moulding

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we made a small, but significant ((to me)), change to our built-ins:
we added the teeniest bit of moulding to fancy them up!

here's a better look:

see? sad. naked.

so we went to {home depot} and purchased 196" of colonial-style trim...
i wanted a very simple profile since i was planning a very simple rectangle.

on his LAST night before a busy year at work starts,
...fish got to cutting!

...and we used {liquid nails} to adhere the moulding to the built-ins.

...what? you don't notice a difference?




side-by-side shot:
the moulding makes them look so much more distinguished, doesn't it?

it's like a mustache!

* mari
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  1. haha it's one of those curly mustaches! I agree, it's very distinguished.

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  3. It's true. It looks so much better with the moulding. Great job on the furniture!


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