Jul 28, 2012

DIY: pencil holder
from scrap wood

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time : minutes
difficulty : ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
hazards : power tools!
would i do it again? : yes
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i was in dire need of an efficient way to store my colored pastel pencils -- bonus points if it was attractive as well. after some stewing, i asked fish to make me a pencil holder from a small log we had laying around. he accepted the challenge...and succeeded!

and it was insanely easy to ((watch fish)) do.

first, fish chopped up the log and shaved off the bark with his miter saw -- and we were left with this:

knowing i have a lot of pencils, he opted to cut the log lengthwise as opposed to a horizontal slice. the longer slab of wood is able to hold many more pencils.

next, fish got to drilling:

ten minutes later, it was time to organize.

the holes are not flawless by any means, but i like how the imperfection adds to the homemade feel of the organizer even more.

thank you fish!

the pencil holder in his natural habitat, my craftspace...

update: this project is over a year old and still holding up strong!

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* mari
nope, you're not going crazy.
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  1. I love it. A project for me to do soon.

    1. thank you linda! i'd love to see your version after you make it!

  2. Love this! And the cans in front, love those too!

    1. thank you, katie! those were just rustoleum metallic spraypaint on clean cans, easy-peasy! (...and cheap!)


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