Jul 6, 2012

coat closet surprise

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i decided to paint the plain ol' door of our coat closet...
i got a little too excited and started painting before taking a picture!

i started with a base coat of behr {wheat bread}. i initially wanted to do a chevron design, but we have a full-length mirror hung on the door that must be off-center due to the doorknob. that meant either the the chevron would align with the mirror, but would be obviously off-center on the door...or the chevron would be centered on the door and its points would not align with the mirror.

so i did stripes instead!

i couldn't get the doorknob off and was forced to paint around it. it was such a pain that i started the taping for the stripes on either side of the knob to make sure i wouldn't have to paint around it again. 

i marked the blue sections with a "b" to avoid confusion.

...then i started painting! 
i used a free sample of valspar {blue coal} that i've had for over a year.

did you catch my mistake? in my effort NOT to have to paint around the doorknob again...i did it backwards! ARGH! and i didn't even realize it until i started painting that stripe.
   "...wait...why am i painting the doorknob stripe??! NOOOOO!!"

after three coats of {blue coal}:

it's the most preppy door EVER.
...which i did not set out to do.

...but i like all the same!

i was thinking about adding thin kelly green stripes on either side of the blue stripes...but fish thought it would be overkill so -- in his words -- i left well enough alone.

here's a close-up of our pretty, pretty doorknob:
my mistake ended up working out because the doorknob looks
STUNNING against the deep blue background. 

after hanging the mirror back up...

did you notice my mother's day orchid is STILL ALIVE?!! i think it's a combination of the perfect "indirect sunlight" spot and my natural orchid-growing skillz.
   ...or maybe it's just the perfect spot.

* mari


  1. haha I love this, and I'd have to agree with Fish on adding more color, I think it looks perfect the way it is and much better than before! you guys are going to have... no wait I'm pretty sure you do have the coolest house!

  2. thanks hillary!! yes, i tend to beat most things to death, so i'm glad fish is here to edit me!

  3. Is the stripe just on the inside of the door or on both sides?

    1. hi anonymous! the stripes are just on the inside of the door. i stained the other side of the door (that faces the room) -- you can read about it here: http://bit.ly/13shok5


  4. Applause! Applause!


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