Jul 31, 2012

cleaning schedule

when we moved from a tiny apartment to a ((relatively giant)) HOUSE, my time spent cleaning seems to have multiplied tenfold. it's astonishingly easy to let our home become a mess...but i just can't live like that.

if i don't keep up with the dust and clutter, i become overwhelmed -- and instead of tackling one task at a time, i start trying to ignore it. that never works. the mess accumulates until i reach my tipping point -- this is when i go into a cleaning frenzy. and when it's all over, i vow never again to let our home get so messy.


to make things easier for myself, i decided to make a weekly cleaning schedule. this way, i spend maybe an hour a day cleaning.
   that's not so bad.

once i get the day's tasks done, i feel a sense of accomplishment and don't stress about continuing to clean because those tasks are for another day.

i used the template at {money crashers} as a guide.

i know -- it looks overwhelming at first. but, if you just concentrate on one day, it's not so bad. you can see i also added non-cleaning chores like meal planning and feeding our rabbit.

here are the deep cleaning checklists:

if you have a weekly cleaning schedule, how long have you been using it? what other tweaks have you made? 

* mari


  1. my name ends in -OHAug 1, 2012, 4:11:00 PM

    can you make my schedule for studying for step 1?

  2. i've seen your color-coded flowcharts, sir -- you need NO HELP from me. :)


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