Jul 10, 2012

chalkboard wall in the kitchen

we have a bit of useless wall in our kitchen...

instead of letting it be wasted space, we decided to hit it with some chalkboard paint and start keeping our grocery list there.

three coats of paint later...
ooooooh! love it!

i debated also painting that small bit of wall around the corner...but i'm probably the one that will be using it the most and i'm left-handed. it would be extremely awkward for me to write in that space. so i left it.

are you laughing at my attempt at fancy writing?
i finished off the edges with black washi tape for a crisp, clean line. the
one downside -- speaking from experience of the chalkboard wall in K's room -- chalk is very dusty and you're not supposed to wash chalkboard walls very often. so...it will almost surely never be this pristine-looking again. i'm okay with having a chalkboard that looks like we use it. if you prefer the look of an unused chalkboard -- i would just paint your wall black. :)

another possible negative aspect is that we'll have to transfer the list to paper before we go grocery shopping. that's not really a downside to me though because i usually rewrite the grocery list in order by aisle anyway.
* mari

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  1. Firstly - A-mazing idea, I love it and someday when I have my own home I will be stealing this lol

    Second - You rewrite your grocery list by aisle?!?!?! girl you are the most organized person I have ever met... teach me your ways!

  2. aw, thanks hillary!! i thought most people organized their list by aisle...then you don't have to keep checking back to see if you missed something. once a baby enters the picture, you find all kinds of ways to streamline and simplify things!! it's like survival mode. :) :)


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