Jun 7, 2012

window shopping

our whole house needs new windows badly -- most are the originals from 1947. all are single pane, many of the wooden frames are rotting, some have cracked glass, and one is completely painted shut. only the sunroom addition does not need windows and we are very thankful for that because there's ELEVEN in that room alone.
rotting wood frame

the fact that there are a lot of windows, which consequently let in a lot of sunlight, is one of the things i love about this house. but, WOW -- they are expensive. and we don't just have a lot of windows...we have many different types of windows.

first, there is the gigantic picture window in the front room -
it's over six feet square.

we were debating making it into a bow window...buuut since we just bought the custom-fitted shade for it, i think we'll be sticking with the picture window.

these glass-block windows are also in the front room.
please ignore the torchiere lamp collection.
they were free and we've been using them as task lighting when we paint at night.

i'm not sure what design plans we have for them,
other than replacing them with newer blocks. 

they look a bit crusty.

there is another glass block window in the dining-room-turned-workspace:
hi polka-squares-in-progress!

from the outside, you can tell it used to be a normal-sized window, but the lower half of it was bricked over. i'm not sure if we'll enlarge it again or not. or if that's even possible. it doesn't seem worth it to me...just to have a view of our neighbor's side yard.

here's yet another glass block window in the stairwell to the second floor...

it's turned on its side to form a diamond shape, which i love.
we want to put decorative glass in this one. 

this is the window as seen from the upstairs hallway...
stained glass or some sort of glass mosaic shining colored
light patterns down the hall would be SO PRETTY!

last in the parade of odd windows in our home,
is this cute little octagon window in our master bedroom:

we're going to keep the octagon -- but we want to add two vertical bars to form a grid-type pattern in the window.

we've only had one estimate so far and came away a bit shell-shocked at the cost. we'd like to do the whole house in one go, but we may end up having to first buy windows for the front of the house, then do the back of the house after we've saved up more money.

* mari

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