Jun 14, 2012

we can finally be nosy neighbors in comfort!

now that we have a front porch, i have every intention of taking full advantage of it. with the beautiful weather lately, lil' archer K and i enjoy many a snack out there. we watch squirrels run across the lawn, birds chase each other through the trees, and cars drive down the street.

it may sound mundane, but it's one of the highlights of both of our days. lil' archer laughs at the animals and gets excited about every. single. vehicle. that passes by. meanwhile, i get to relax...and enjoy his toddler prattle.

"that's a white pick-up truck!! right, mommy? right??!"

an added bonus is that various neighbors often amble over to have a chat while we're on the porch. i definitely feel more a part of the neighborhood than if we were to hole up in the house during snacktime.

so...after all this leave-it-to-beaver rambling, you would agree that we definitely need a couple of chairs on our front stoop, right? right??!

i agree.

these are the lacko outdoor chairs from ikea.

see how the black mailbox, black railing, and black chairs are all jiving together?? that's no accident, my friends.

* mari

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