Jun 20, 2012

progress on the entry area

i scored a bunch of picture frames at goodwill for super-cheap...and one of them was the perfect size to display the survey of our house we received at closing!

maybe it's just because we're new homeowners, but we both immediately thought of framing the survey when we saw it.

here it is -- over two months later -- and finally hung!

like my red rainboot tray? read about it here!

i painted the frame black and gold to echo the photo mat.

did you notice the gorgeous orchid next to the survey?
i've kept it alive SINCE MOTHER'S DAY.

if you knew my track record with orchids,
you'd understand what a HUGE accomplishment this is.

...like maybe i won't have to resort to buying silk orchids!

the beautiful lidded pot on the table was
hand-crafted by fish when he was in college.
i love all the colors in it...

* mari


  1. you have such great ideas! it always comes out so nice!

  2. uhhh...no. haha! it either comes out nice...or it comes out wonky and i work on it until it comes out in some vicinity of nice...or it comes out a complete disaster and i just forget it ever happened. :D


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