Jun 19, 2012

progress on the backyard

can you tell what's missing?

the red gate!
...also known as "the gate that served no purpose."

doesn't it look so much cleaner??!

while he was at it, fish also ripped out some of the random cement pathways throughout our yard. 

...leaving us with a giant pile of broken cement and rotting wood:
any ideas how to get rid of it? the best idea we have so far is from our neighbor, who advised to put one block per week in our garbage can until the pile was gone. that's what he did with the cement pavers he tore out...but it took a whole year to get rid of his lot! by the looks of our pile, it's going to take about that long for us as well...

in addition to getting rid of the red gate and a good chunk of the random cement walkways, we also put up a canopy for shade:

now, K and i will be able to play in his sandbox after naptime without being scorched by the afternoon sun. we don't want to plant any shade trees until we have a definite plan for a deck, landscaping, etc.

...aaand one more addition to the backyard:

fish is a most excellent father and a most excellent cook, so this was a well-deserved father's day present for him.

* mari

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