Jun 26, 2012

pretty storage for a few craft supplies

if you have an old vase laying around...or find one at goodwill for a measly fifty cents...why not use it as a charming storage vessel for craft supplies?

this vase is the perfect size to hold my washi tape collection...
...which keeps me from buying more.

psst! of course a little vase didn't stop me from buying more tape...see my new washi tape storage made from a repurposed floor grate!

are you looking for some ideas of what you can do with washi tape? how about dressing up a lightswitch? or decorating a door? it's the easiest thing ever to add a fun element to ceiling fans. or coordinate picture frames to your existing decor!

i got this next idea from mrs. jones...i hate how embroidery thread unravels then becomes a big ol' mess once you slide off the two paper wrappers. a clothespin keeps them tangle-free and ready to use!

* mari

Kiwi Crate Craft Kits

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