Jun 25, 2012

the polka-squared dining room!

i am ECSTATIC with how our bright yellow polka-squared dining room turned out!! 

this is what it looked like on the day we closed:

there was absolutely nothing wrong with it...but the walls were dirty and scuffed -- they definitely needed freshening up. however, we couldn't find the color the previous owners used in the paint collection in the basement.

sooo...i started researching wallpaper. i found one i adored...
but sadly, couldn't afford. 
farrow&ball polka square {bp 1063}

i decided to try to replicate the simple pattern using paint and a stencil.

yellow paint.

bright-a$$ yellow paint.

i admit i was initially scared.

three coats later...i knew i liked it, but i was still nervous.

then, i started polka-squaring.
i started to feel a bit overwhelmed at this point...

...but i proceeded little by little, ten minutes here and there...

this took WEEKS, people.

but i'm sooo in love with the end result:

these walls perfectly capture what i want our whole house to be:

sophisticated...but also fun and whimsical.

here's the washi-taped switchplate with the polka squares:
it might be overkill, but i still love it.
(( psst! see how to fancy up your own switchplates here! ))

i can say without hesitation: i love my polka-squared walls. 

...and fish loves that i spent less than $100 for them.

* mari


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this - you are so dedicated :) I probably would've bailed after one stencil application lol


    1. thank you k! i probably love them that much more because of all the work i put into them! :)

  2. I think I've told you this before, but every time I see the yellow-white polka dot walls I LOVE it all over again! And I've never been a "yellow" person. I think black would be perfect for a desk color in that space

  3. I love that you used a different shape. I'm mustering up the nerve to do something similar in one our rooms.

    1. thank you michelle! i'd love to see the end result when you're finished!


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