Jun 22, 2012

painting an interior door black

see the beautiful horizontal five-panel door that leads into our garage?

i decided to paint it black. 

i love the sophistication of black interior doors and i wanted to see how one would look in real life, in our home. it was kind of a test for our other interior doors. i reasoned that if it turned out horribly, it was in a semi-hidden spot until it could be repainted.

...but i don't need to worry about that because i LOVE it!
i repainted the white trim as well -- it was looking a little beat up.

i will definitely be painting more doors black...

* mari


  1. awesome! love it! Looks muuuuuch better!

  2. thank you!! i love it too, it made such a huge difference! i love this old door, i wish all of our doors were like this...


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