Jun 5, 2012

the painting continues:
main floor bathroom

i can't believe there was a time when we were delusional enough to think we could repaint all the rooms in our house in a WEEK. we've been in our new home for nearly TWO MONTHS and i finally tackled...

the main floor bathroom:

there's nothing wrong with it -- although you should have seen it before i cleaned. shudder.

it's nice.
i can't complain.

...but my DREAM for the space is to replace the floor with classic black and white hex tile, put white wainscoting or subway tile on the lower half of the walls, and hang some crazy wallpaper on the top half of the walls. the overall effect doesn't look SO crazy when crazy walls are tempered with white subway tile.

a long time ago...when i still naively thought redoing the main floor bath could be accomplished in the week before we moved in...i found quite a few wallpapers i loved from walnut wallpaper - they have a large selection of fun colors and patterns.  

...like this:

...or this:
((p.s. i'm not affiliated with walnut wallpaper.))

i also like these, all from anthropologie:
ANYWAY. after all those pretty pictures, you might be saddened to find out...crazy wallpaper isn't in the budget. nor is black and white hex tile. or wainscoting. boooooo.....

that left me with my old standby: PAINT.

since i distracted you with all of my ramblings, here is the before picture again:

...aaand after two coats of behr ultra paint + primer in vintage velvet...
((cost: $30ish))

i also switched out the plain silver knobs on the cabinet to some extra glass knobs we had from the kitchen ((cost: $0)). they coordinate nicely with the glass doorknob.

sink before and after...

did you notice i attacked yet another switchplate with washi tape?
(( psst! see how to fancy up your own switchplates here! ))
((cost: $0))

...and here's the lightswitch just outside the bathroom door - it's all dressed up too.

total cost of this mini-makeover was $30 or so for a gallon of paint...vs over $100 for any of the wallpapers i listed. it's not as fun of a transformation, but the deep, moody color still adds drama and personality. 


at some point soon, i want to create a simple grid on the ceiling with thin boards, then paint it all white...or perhaps i could do the bronze nailhead ceiling i've been admiring for so long. 

it would coordinate well with the oil-rubbed bronze fixtures in the bathroom...but our light fixture is mounted off-center, so i'm not sure what kind of pattern i could make. maybe i could radiate strips of nails outward from the light? hmm...

you may have noticed there's no mirror...i removed the World's Ugliest Mirror, which was hung about two feet too high. seriously, i could see my forehead and that was about it. i'm hoping to score a not-so-ugly replacement for very cheap...or free...

if i can't find a curbside mirror, maybe i'll do this...

i also want to remove the miniblinds, but it's not very practical to do so since this bathroom is right next to the front door and thus its window looks onto the front porch. i have some pretty lace fabric i want to use as window dressing somehow...but i'm not quite sure how yet. hmmm...

* mari

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