Jun 24, 2012

new shades in the kitchen

if we can't afford new windows yet, i at least want them to look as good as they can. we started with removing the heavy drapes in the front room. now, we've taken out the blinds in the kitchen and replaced them with light-filtering roller shades.

i just realized -- the blinds didn't look so bad when they were down. but, of course, we had them up most of the day -- and the long strings from each of the four windows laid everywhere, fell in the sink, etc. it looked completely messy, even when the sink area was clean (a rarity in itself).

also, you can't tell in this picture how very dirty they were. i went so far as to take them down, scrub them, and blast them with the hose in the backyard -- but there was barely a dent in the crustiness.

we got enje roller shades on the cheap at ikea.
glad i wasn't the one that had to figure out
what the little ikea guy was telling me to do.

have you noticed yet how fish does all the hard-hitting work around here whereas i paint frames or put down a teeny-tiny rug and manage to make a post out of it?

anyhoo, the end result:
yep, love it!

i chose black shades to tie into the dark countertops.

it's a much cleaner-looking window treatment than the blinds. there's no cord -- you just pull on the shade and it rolls up or down.

the enje shades are labelled "light-filtering," but i didn't realize they would be so sheer. i went outside in the daylight and couldn't see in, but i'm betting our neighbors will have no trouble seeing us at night when the lights are on in the house. i'm not stressing out about it though because our kitchen faces the backyard and a side of our neighbor's house that doesn't have many windows.
   i definitely wouldn't use these in the front of the house though.

the last major-ish thing i want to change in the kitchen -- besides the floor, which is a little too major for us right now -- is the lights. they're just...not at all our style.

psst! see the new kitchen lights here and here!

* mari


  1. The shades are much better. If you're worried about people seeing in I've heard of these window privacy films, might be something to look into.

  2. i'm glad we switched to the shades -- they've been perfect! our kitchen doesn't really look out to much so i'm not too worried about people looking in. all they'd see is me topping off another glass of wine! :)


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