Jun 9, 2012

new life for an old dresser

do you recall the sunroom dresser redo i started AGES ago? other projects kept popping up, i had to wait for fish to get off nights so i could learn how to use the sander, i was waiting for knobs and handles...the excuses go on and on.

...but it's finally finished!

this was an old hand-me-down dresser that originally belonged to my grandmother. i was able to save it from her garage sale and it now lives in our sunroom, where it provides LOADS of storage for dvds, video games, board games, throws, coloring books and crayons, puzzles, and more.

there was nothing really wrong with the dresser in its previous state. the handles were a bit too fancy for me. the cream color also looked dingy next to our bright white panelling. and the flowery design on the top drawer wasn't really my thing.

there was a lot of heartache in this makeover. it involved: buying paint stripper, applying paint stripper, waiting over four hours for old paint to dissolve, scraping off the old paint, discovering all the major panels are mdf, grumbling about being unable to stain mdf, then deciding to paint the dresser instead.

...but look at it now!

i repainted the dresser with our future color scheme in mind: peachy-pink + orangey-red + grey. we have a couple of these blood orange knitted cb2 poufs laying around on the floor and i already had paint that matches them perfectly: benjamin moore {deep rose}.

i used bm {deep rose} for the top of the dresser and benjamin moore {metropolis} for the main body. the knobs are from anthropologie and the cup pulls are from home depot.

* mari

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