Jun 23, 2012

new house numbers

our original house numbers were embarrassing:

they were old, pitted brass...
...too small of a scale...
...and hung on a piece of rotting wood.

our NEW numbers are black, modern, and floating on the brickwork!

we bought these hillman distinction numbers at home depot and LOVE them.

the new black numbers -- along with the porch chairs and painted mailbox and railing -- are part of our effort to bring more contrast to the front of the house.

we still need to take down the storm windows (see our new windows here), get a new porch light, and get new garage lights (see our new exterior lights here)...and maybe get a welcome mat too, while we're at it (i bought a black rubber welcome mat...but it wasn't exciting enough to post about so you'll just have to trust me on that one).

slowly, but surely, our front porch is becoming a non-eyesore.

* mari

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