Jun 27, 2012

more window shopping

we finally scheduled a second estimate for windows.
(( you can see the post about the first estimate here. ))

this time, we chose a very reputable company that makes its own windows and trains their own people to install them. apparently that's worth a lot.

they quoted us OVER TWICE what the first estimate was.

maybe we should have told them to take a hike.

we didn't care for the pushy, salesman-like attitude of the first window company. he put us off with his insistence to sign now for the best deal!! 

we much preferred this latest company's salesman, who was very straightforward and plain-speaking. i had a few ideas about the types and styles of windows i want installed and he very tactfully told me why some of them wouldn't look good or wouldn't work. i liked that he wasn't just agreeing to everything i said to get the sale, like the first salesman did.

isn't it odd how much the personal interaction with ONE representative of a large company can influence so much? even though these people want to charge the cost of a mid-sized sedan to put new windows in our home, we are definitely leaning towards going with them.

we may schedule one or two more estimates first.
just to be thorough.

...and just so this isn't a complete bore of a post,
here are some of the windows in our home that need replacing:

* mari

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