Jun 10, 2012

more painting!
staircase & upstairs hallway

we are finally...FINALLY! getting around to painting the stairway and upstairs hallway. i'm so happy because that means i will finally...FINALLY! be able to hang the giant ruler growth chart!

we're not doing anything adventurous. the space is currently painted...well, it was once probably white, but now is pretty dingy looking. i've cleaned and magic eraser-ed the heck out of the walls, hoping to avoid having to paint since the ceilings are so tall...but i just can't get them to look presentable.

when fish volunteered to get on the ladder in the staircase in order to paint the ceiling, i jumped on his offer! i'm too much of a chicken to do it. all i did was casually mention HIRING someone to paint the staircase and BAM! fish volunteered to do it for free.
   hee hee.

we chose to paint the white-ish walls with behr {cumulus}.

it's clean. it's light. it's airy.

it's the faintest blue...the type of color you can't even tell is a color until you see it on the wall next to the white trim.

the reason i want a clean, simple color is because i'm planning to fill the stairwell and hallway with our family pictures. i'm a picture MANIAC and i've got loads i want to put up. it's driving me crazy that after nearly two months, we still don't have any photos on the wall.

here is the bottom of the stairwell:

here's the upstairs hallway, with the ((still unpainted)) master bedroom at the end of the hall:

...and the hallway again, as viewed from our bedroom:

oh, hi there giant ruler growth chart!

going back down the stairs...
a view of the diamond-shaped window that lets in so much light:

...aaand here's just SOME of the picture frames that will be going in the space:

some are red. some are blue. some are gray. they've been used in my various decorating schemes at different apartments we've lived at. i'm in the middle of painting ALL OF THEM black. it's a tedious job.

* mari

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