Jun 4, 2012

more backyard progress...
and flowers from fish!

our backyard jungle is quickly becoming a blank slate,
thanks to a lot of hard work on fish's part!

remember the before?

look at it now!

another SCARY before...

...and AFTER!


can you not hardly believe it's the same space??

i'd just like to reiterate once again that fish has NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE at all with landscaping, gardening, farming, cultivating, anything! i am so awed by how he transformed this area. we don't even know if what he's doing is the "right" thing...but it sure does look a lot better!

...and when he came back in from all that hard labor, 
he surprised me with a freshly cut bouquet!


((...which i promptly placed in the vase i scored at goodwill for $1.))

* mari

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