Jun 27, 2012

the giant ruler growth chart
has finally been hung!

see our giant ruler growth chart featured on disney's spoonful.com

the giant ruler growth chart finally has a home. we decided to hang it in the hallway ((vs K's room)) in case we have more children.

now, it's FINALLY time to record K's first measurement for all posterity.

 ...or maybe he'll measure himself?
fish and K admiring their handiwork.

fish recording the date.

* mari


  1. What did you use to hang so the hanger isn't visible?

  2. hi there! for mounting, fish used four L-brackets. after measuring the correct spots to drill, he screwed two L-brackets into the wall at the top of where the ruler would hang -and- two L-brackets at the bottom. The four brackets (two at top, two at bottom) extended from the wall to kind of "hug" the ruler at top and bottom. then, when the ruler was in place, he screwed up *into* the ruler and the bottom and down into the ruler at the top. i'm not sure if that makes sense, so let me know if it would be better to sketch out.

    thanks for visiting! :)


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