Jun 13, 2012

a fluffy rug for my delicate feet

there's no definite plan for our master bedroom yet...but i knew i wanted something soft and fluffy on either side of our bed.

well...i initially wanted a large, soft area rug for the whole room. rugs that large and that soft are expensive. and we are...not rich.

so i revised what i wanted to:
a small rug for each side of our bed.

i've had two of these in my overstock shopping cart for weeks.
...but i just couldn't spend $198 on two smallish bedroom rugs.

((i mean, i totally could, but fish would kill me.))

so our poor feet have been subjected to the cold, hard floor day after day...
until our ikea trip the other day. 

...where we happened upon the rens sheepskin rug:
at less than half the price, i'm sure it's nowhere near as soft as the overstock rug...but it's still pretty darn soft! it's not quite as long as the other rug either...but it's still plenty large enough.

i am unable to comment on whether fish has the same "girly" rug on his side of the bed. i will tell you his "absolutely not!" became a "...well, maybe..." when i made him feel how soft the rug was.

* mari

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