Jun 29, 2012

fish made a porch table!

fish's first ever serious project was our master bed.
then he made himself a workbench.

and to continue the Backwards Journey of Complexity:
he's now gone and made us a porch table...from an old bar stool!

see how he did it after the jump!

the best part about this project: it cost us NOTHING!

we had a couple of these bar stools from our apartment-living days. there's no need for them here so they've just been collecting dust. i was going to drop them off at goodwill, but i'm SO GLAD i didn't!

fish shortened the legs...

...then removed the seat...

...and we were left with this portion:
...which i primed and then spray-painted high-gloss black.

fish made the tabletop with extra slat pieces that were left over from construction of the master bedframe. i painted them with a $2 oops! paint i bought a couple of months ago. it's a deep more-green-than-blue color that i don't think i ever would have chosen...but we both love it!

a few screws here, a few screws there and...VOILA!

...aaand here's our front porch before we had a place to set our coffee mugs:

add one table, stir, and...TA-DA!

we immediately set about enjoying our new table.

update for the 2013 summer: we brought the porch in over the winter of course. it then sat out again all summer and is holding up great!

psst! you can see all of fish's projects here!

* mari
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  1. Lovely! You make being a homeowner seem so fun... ;p


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