Jun 30, 2012

built-ins become shoe storage

we have these old, wonderful built-ins flanking the entrance to the front room. however, we don't really have anything to put in them -- curse the age of the digital book!!

i absolutely don't want to get rid of them though because (a) they're charming and (b) they serve as quasi-separation between the entry area and the front room.

since we needed a place near the front door to put our shoes -- so we wouldn't be clonking all through the house on the wooden floors -- the built-ins were called into service as our shoe storage.

it's a bit unsightly though, to have a jumble of shoes displayed. i mean, if i had row upon row of loubs, there would be no problem. it would become an art installation.

i have my fair share of heels -- which i can finally wear again since we no longer live in the city and have to walk everywhere!! -- but i also need plenty of flats in my arsenal for chasing after lil' archer. and a whole lot of sneakers for whenever i can make time to run again. 

run for real, not run after K.

now that i'm looking at this...i wonder if i can get fish to add another shelf...so my shoes aren't so cramped...hmm.............

whoops -- got a little off track!

okay. we needed to cover the jumble of shoes so we bought a cheap suspension rod and i "made" a panel from fabric i already had.

which just happens to match the wall color PERFECTLY.
i say i "made" a panel because it consisted of me cutting out a giant square, then hemming the four sides. easy-peasy, even for me -- i would label myself a novice sewer. wait...is sewer both a waste drainage system AND one who sews? i am a novice one who sews.

i wondered how it would look if i ((fish)) hung the rod higher:

i also have been pondering painting that bathroom door
in the background black, a la our garage door:

okay, back to the covered shoes!

besides matching the wall color perfectly, this fabric is also great because it echoes ((echos?)) the polka dot pattern in the dining-room-turned-workspace, which is open to the front room.

i, uh, didn't take a picture of that though...and i'm too lazy to do it now...so you'll just have to trust me. it looks great.

here's the view i usually post:
much improved, right?

* mari

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  1. It is better! I like the rod lower like the first way, and yes you should paint the bathroom door black! I think it would compliment the colors around it.

  2. oh man, i'm still too scared to paint it! i like it in the picture...i like it in my head...but what if it turns out completely wonky??!

  3. Don't worry it won't, and it if does you can get a new door lol

  4. Your shoe storage is perfect. Nice to have the built ins put to work. I like your idea of painting a door but, I think you should paint the front door not, the bathroom. With a bathroom door right off the entry you may not want to highlight it, but a welcoming color on the front door is fun.

    1. thanks! we're planning on replacing the front door -- hopefully sooner than later. :)


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